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Deadly legionella, refugee children imprisoned and human rights at risk
The most severe form of legionella was discovered on the Bibby Stockholm on August 15th, according to data released to the Guardian by Dorset County Council after an FOI request.
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Dorset volunteers seek help to support Bibby Stockholm asylum seekers
Paul Kimber, a Dorset Quaker from the Portland Global Friendship Group, has reported on the efforts made to welcome asylum seekers on Portland, including the following update from Laney, one
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Record backlog of asylum cases
The number of asylum seekers awaiting a Home Office decision on their claims has now risen to 175,457. This is the highest figure since records began in 2010. Over the
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Rabbi condemns government’s treatment of asylum seekers
The following letter appeared in the Guardian this week: “A week after the devastating fire that consumed Grenfell Tower in June 2017, I joined a march of silence from the
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Legionella discovered on board the Bibby Stockholm.
All 39 asylum seekers have been removed from the Bibby Stockholm after the Health Security Agency discovered legionella in the water. The harmful bacteria can cause legionnaires’ disease, a potentially
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Some asylum seekers refuse to go to the Bibby Stockholm
The first asylum seekers have arrived at the Bibby Stockholm, but at least 20 refugees have refused to go. Many are being supported by Care4Calais, which has set up an
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“A floating Grenfell”- safety concerns halt deployment of refugees to the Bibby Stockholm
A whistleblower from Dorset County Council has described the Bibby Stockholm as having the potential to become a “floating Grenfell” because of the lack of fire safety measures. Over 500
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Growing opposition to Portland refugee barge
Dorset county councillors have attacked the plan to house up to 500 asylum seekers in a barge moored off Portland, with one condemning it as, “a devil’s deal”.   The
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Government’s asylum policies condemned as “performative nastiness”.
An Observer editorial has attacked the government’s treatment of refugees as “performative nastiness”. Criticising the immigration minister Robert Jenrick’s order to paint over murals at a detention centre for refugee
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Peers inflict further defeats on Illegal Migration bill
The House of Lords has successfully opposed a further seven measures in the Illegal Migration bill. Peers voted to limit the time children and pregnant women arriving by illegal means
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Looking for practical help?

For further information and support, try these websites:

Safe Passage is concerned with refugee and asylum-seeking children:

The Quaker Asylum and Refugee Network:

There are also many local groups and councils offering specific support to hosts of Ukranians and other refugees.

In Bournemouth, for instance, the International Care Network supports refugees and asylum seekers in the Bournemouth/Poole area, including language classes and ‘befriending’ schemes.

In north-west London, Families4Peace is offering support to Ukranian refugees and their hosts.

About me

I am a writer and former journalist who volunteers with a refugee charity.

I am convinced that, as a country, we need to welcome refugees. My inspiration comes from my godmother, Trudi Eulenburg, who was granted shelter in the UK from Nazi Germany as a teenager in 1939.

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