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Child refugees using people smugglers to reach family in UK

Charities, including Safe Passage International, have produced a report showing that unaccompanied child refugees are forced to use people smugglers to reach family members in the UK, crossing in small
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Labour’s refugee plans don’t include safe routes

Keir Starmer’s refugee policy aims to beef up border security by ensuring direct access for top officials to the home secretary. Labour would scrap the Rwanda scheme, and use the
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Children will be sent to Rwanda, charities fear

The Home Office is planning to deport young unaccompanied refugees to Rwanda based only on a cursory estimate of their age by an immigration official. Now the Human for Rights
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General Election resources from Asylum Matters

Asylum Matters has compiled some very useful General Election resources, including: ‘Building a compassionate refugee protection system’ a 2-page document setting out key principles and policy asks for parliamentary candidates; ‘Campaigning
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Government’s Rwanda plan further discredited

The government has begun to round up and detain up to 5,700 refugees in preparation for their deportation to Rwanda.   However, the latest data has revealed that around 3,500
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The Rwanda Act- performative and cruel

The Safety of Rwanda bill has finally become law, after MPs rejected all the amendments proposed by the Lords, overriding the supreme court judgment that Rwanda is not a safe
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Stop Rwanda flights- email AirTanker

Almost 24,000 people have now emailed AirTanker, urging the company not to fly asylum seekers to Rwanda. Will you join them? Use the link below: After thousands of protesters
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Fresh blow to rehousing of asylum seekers

RAF Scampton, a UK military base due to accommodate up to 2,000 asylum seekers  has been found to be contaminated with ground gases and unexploded ordnance, according to government documents.
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Key asks for MPs and election candidates

The Quaker Asylum and Refugee Network (QARN) has produced a very useful list of suggestions for MPs and election candidates. “During this election we can ask MPs and voters to
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Families in Gaza seeking family reunion win legal case against the home office

A judge has ruled that the home office’s insistence on biometric data, including fingerprints and photos, from Gazans seeking family reunion amounts to “disproportionate interference” in their right to family
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Looking for practical help?

For further information and support, try these websites:

Safe Passage is concerned with refugee and asylum-seeking children:

The Quaker Asylum and Refugee Network:

There are also many local groups and councils offering specific support to hosts of Ukranians and other refugees.

In Bournemouth, for instance, the International Care Network supports refugees and asylum seekers in the Bournemouth/Poole area, including language classes and ‘befriending’ schemes.

In north-west London, Families4Peace is offering support to Ukranian refugees and their hosts.

About me

I am a writer and former journalist who volunteers with a refugee charity.

I am convinced that, as a country, we need to welcome refugees. My inspiration comes from my godmother, Trudi Eulenburg, who was granted shelter in the UK from Nazi Germany as a teenager in 1939.

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