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Month: November 2022

The mythical ‘refugee crisis’

The Government claims that the UK has resettled more refugees that any other EU country. However, this figure only refers to a limited, specific UN resettlement scheme and only represents six
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Email campaign to deter airlines from providing Rwanda flights

Freedom from Torture, a campaigning charity, is urging people to email airlines who may be prepared to provide Rwanda deportation flights. A previous emailing campaign encouraged flight companies Privilege Style
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Show compassion to ‘economic migrants,’ urges Catholic writer.

Writer Anne Booth has described  in the Catholic magazine, The Tablet, how her parents, both economic migrants, came over from Ireland in the 1950s to work in England. Her mother
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Braverman’s ‘invasion’ claim is dubious, experts say

Suella Braverman’s claim in her recent parliamentary statement that the south coast of England is being invaded by asylum seekers has caused consternation. Her choice of language has attracted widespread
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