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Month: February 2023
An Evening of Afghan Stories
You are invited to An evening of Afghan Stories, hosted by Safe Passage and the International Care Network (ICN) Local resettled Afghans share their stories of escape after the fall of
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Young Albanian asylum seekers are often trafficking victims or at risk from blood feuds
Former barrister David Neale, who has worked closely with refugee Albanian boys and young men, refutes the Home Office idea that these young people do not need protection. He writes
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Supporting asylum seekers after the Knowsley riots- suggestions from Refugee Action
The events in Knowsley last Friday night were horrific and inevitable. A large group of far-right rioters gathered outside a hotel where people who are going through the asylum system
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Vital support for refugees and asylum seekers at schools and universities
Diwa came to the UK from Afghanistan when she was 16. “My teachers were very nice and kind to me,” she recalls, “but the teaching style is very different here.
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‘Illegal’ refugees to be deported ‘within days’, says Sunak.
Rishi Sunak has said that people arriving in the UK without documents will have their asylum claims rejected, and will be deported ‘within days or weeks’.   In an
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