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Month: May 2023
Write a letter about the Illegal Migration Bill to your MP
Dear [MP’s name] I am deeply concerned by the Home Secretary and Prime Minister’s plan to further dismantle the right to asylum in the UK with their ‘Illegal Migration Bill’.
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Justin Welby leads Lords’ attack on Migration Bill
The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, has argued that the Illegal Migration Bill risks “great damage” to the UK’s reputation, and that it is “morally indefensible” to leave poorer neighbouring
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Dorset refugee news- with thanks to Judith
Donations in support of local refugees and asylum seekers. First of all thank you to all who donated backgammon sets, phones, bikes, trainers, a kindle and a laptop. Homes For
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Dorset police and council leader attack plan to house refugees on barge
    The Home Office proposal to host 506 refugee men on a barge off Portland in Dorset is facing opposition from the local police commissioner and council leader, both
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Let asylum seekers work to help themselves and the UK
A letter to the Guardian spells out the simple answer to issues with refugee accommodation. “The list of suggested alternatives to hotels for asylum seekers (Boats, barges and big bills
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