An Afghan refugee who supported the British army by checking vehicles for Taliban bombs has been convicted of illegally entering the UK and imprisoned in Lewes.

The Lewes Organisation in Support of Refugees and Asylum Seekers, LORAS. has reported that the Afghan security worker was unable to find a “legal” route to escape deadly reprisals from the Taliban, and was forced to reach the UK by boat. He was subsequently arrested at his hotel , tried and sentenced to seven months.So far, LORAS has been unable to find an immigration lawyer to take on his case.

All such prisoners potentially face indefinite detention after their release from prison.

LORAS comments: “All may be served with incomprehensible documentation from the Home Office with no guidance or supports to how to respond, which can and does prevent some people from exercising their rights…It is now a criminal offence simply to arrive in the UK without prior authority, which of course is impossible for asylum seekers to get.”