Freedom from Torture, a campaigning charity, is urging people to email airlines who may be prepared to provide Rwanda deportation flights. A previous emailing campaign encouraged flight companies Privilege Style and Wamos to say they wouldn’t be involved. There are full details below and the airline links are available on the Freedom form Torture website:


Suella Braverman is back as Home Secretary and still determined to send torture survivors and refugees to Rwanda by Christmas. Meanwhile, she’s been spreading dangerous anti-refugee messages to the country. Are you ready to make sure she never gets her dream?

The government’s chosen airline Privilege Style has ruled themselves out of being involved. But they need planes to fly and airlines can choose whether to be involved. That’s where we come in.


After Privilege Style, the airline that was on the runway in June to fly torture survivors to Rwanda, ruled themselves out, we rang and emailed the remaining airlines: Hi Fly, Wamos and Iberojet. We gave them a chance to say they wouldn’t be involved – and Wamos air has already confirmed they will not be part of the cruel Rwanda scheme!

But Hi Fly and Iberojet have not replied, so now it’s time to turn up the heat. Will you help us and email the airlines now?

Small private airlines aren’t used to getting attention – if thousands of us get in touch, they’ll realise just how damaging this cuelty would be for their public image. We can force them not to fly. Let’s flood the inboxes of the airlines with emails.

We know this can work. Big airlines have already refused to ship refugees out of the country, after people came together all over the UK and forced them to back out. We’ve done this before, and we can do it again.

Together, we proved people power works. Let’s make sure there are no airlines left for them to use and then let’s defeat this cruel scheme once and for all.