The Quaker Asylum and Refugee Network (QARN) has produced a very useful list of suggestions for MPs and election candidates.

“During this election we can ask MPs and voters to support fair and humane practical alternatives –policies that will allow the UK to have a credible role in international arrangements for migration and asylum.  Here are several key recommendations:
A planned, coordinated response
We recommend working constructively with other countries, especially in Europe, to assist refugees. Richer countries should play their part, as 83% of the world’s refugees are hosted by low-and middle-income countries.
Faster, fairer decisions
Currently more than two-thirds of asylum seekers wait over six months for an initial decision. We recommend investing in the provision of effective legal help so that people seeking asylum can properly present their cases.
Allow asylum seekers to work
They can earn income, start to integrate and contribute their skills in our communities.
Safe and regular routes
We recommend using a similar system of online, fee-free permission to travel to the UK as has been offered to Ukrainian and Hong Kong nationals.
We recommend a radical amendment of the so-called Illegal Migration Act. The right to a fair hearing of all asylum claims should be reinstated.
Alternatives to immigration detention
We recommend adopting alternatives to detention that are supportive and cheaper.
End exorbitant fees for migrants who have ‘Leave to Remain’
We recommend reducing the visa renewal fees so that they cover only the cost of
We recommend introducing a fee waiver for the application for permanent residence and reducing the number of years’ wait to five.
What can we do?
The General Election gives opportunities to urge that Britain honour its obligations under international law and that protections for refugees be restored.