Keir Starmer has confirmed that a Labour government would scrap the Rwanda scheme.

This follows the resignation of the home secretary, Suella Braverman, who attracted controversy by saying that it was her “dream” to see asylum seekers leaving on a plane for Rwanda. Ostensibly, she resigned after committing a security breach, thus contravening the ministerial code. However, It is alleged that her plan to restrict the number of overseas students and their families, particularly Indians, conflicted with Jeremy Hunt’s wish to attract more migrants to fill the UK’s many job vacancies.

In an interview with LBC radio on 24th September, Keir Starmer said that Labour agreed with the government’s policy of a points-based immigration system, but would not send asylum seekers to Rwanda, a project initiated by Priti Patel.

Meanwhile, the airline hired for Rwanda deportations has pulled out of the scheme, after pressure from campaigners. According to The Guardian, a plane operated by Privilege Style, a Mallorca-based carrier, was grounded at the last minute in June by a European Court of Human Rights ruling.

An email campaign by torture survivors and refugee said to have caused the change of heart.

Two other charter airlines known to have conducted deportation flights to other destinations have also declined to take part in the scheme.

A decision by the High Court on the legality of the Rwanda proposal is expected shortly.