Shadow minister Peter Kyle has told BBC’s World at One that a Labour government would fund more case workers to process the asylum claims of the 118,000 refugees who are waiting in limbo for decisions to be made.

He said that the productivity of current home office case workers had fallen by 50 %. Labour would also renegotiate return arrangements with other countries for applicants who had no right to remain. However, refugees would not receive permission to work unless their applications were successful.

Madeleine Sumption, the director of Oxford University’s Migration Observatory, told the programme that no-one knew if the claims of people arriving between March and July 2023 were being processed, even though these refugees were not considered to have arrived illegally. Anyone coming to the UK after July 20th 2023 is also in limbo, as their claims are not being assessed and neither are they being returned. at 8.51 minutes.

Meanwhile, Labour MP Stephen Timms pledged at a London Faiths Forum hustings at St Martin-in-the-Fields that Labour would repeal the Illegal Migration Act and work to clear the backlog of refugees in asylum limbo. However, repealing the Act is not in Labour’s manifesto.