Moved by the plight of Ukrainian and Afghan refugees, church members in Wimborne, Dorset, are fundraising to provide homes for refugees. The project is supported by St Michael’s and All Angels Church in Colehill, Wimborne.

According to the church website, “St Michael’s is acting as a hub to back a brilliantly simple initiative to house refugees.

Many of us have been distressed at the plight of Ukrainians forced to flee their homeland and a member of Wimborne Methodist church came up with the idea of paying their rent for one year to give such a family a start here.


Then it was discovered that there is a hotel in Bournemouth full of refugees from Afghanistan – families whose breadwinner had risked all their lives to work for British troops. Our government saved them from being murdered by flying them here but they are trapped in the town with little prospect of making new lives.

So the idea was broadened to pay the rent on two properties – a flat for Ukrainians and a larger property for an Afghan family.
International Care Network – a Dorset charity which has been settling refugees in the area for over 20 years – will give practical support to both families.


So we’re asking people to pledge £10 (or a multiple thereof) a month for a year – or whatever you can afford.



You can make your donations via this website (see below).

Donations will effectively be made to St Michael and All Angels Church, who will claim the Gift Aid due on any donations if appropriate. This money will be identified separately from any church funds and will be returned to donors in the event that the project does not go ahead.
The total money and gift aid reclaimed will be paid over by St Michael’s to the lessees who will be responsible for paying the rental on the properties.”

Anyone interested in making a donation or a pledge can find forms and further information on the church website: