Charities are saying that the Government is not doing enough to reunite Sudanese child refugees with family members in the UK.


Asylum seekers granted refuge in the UK are entitled to apply to bring their spouse, children or younger siblings to the UK. But the Home Office is insisting that family members submit biometrics at a visa application centre in a neighbouring country to Sudan, necessitating a potentially hazardous journey to leave the country. Khartoum’s visa application centre has been closed.


The refugee charity Ramfel has described this approach as “disgraceful”, as these children are exposed to the risk of kidnapping, trafficking and exploitation. Many of the refugees stranded in Khartoum have fled from Eritrea and were waiting for visas so that they could join family in the UK.


A  21 year-old Eritrean refugee living in the UK has been trying to bring over his two brothers aged 14 and 17 to the UK.


“They are too young. I’m worried for their live. I’m praying all the time that they will be safe.”


Emily Graham , the head of campaigns at Safe Passage International, said that the Government should be doing everything it could to help young refugees reach safety and family in the UK.


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