Around 30 refugees were forced to return to the Bibby Stockholm this week.,discovered%20in%20its%20water%20supply


The Port Authority refused to accept care packages prepared by a local refugee support group.


The government claims that the Bibby Stockholm will reduce accommodation costs for refugees, but in the meantime, it emerged that Suella Braverman has refused to allow MPs on the Public Accounts Committee access to the financial deals for deporting and processing refugees in Rwanda.


Media reports have suggested that it costs £106,000 to process an asylum application in the UK, but just under £170,000 for each refugee deported to Rwanda under the UK –Rwanda Development Partnership.


Home Office permanent secretary Matthew Rycroft has told the committee that it would not be “appropriate” for MPs to see the financial details of the Rwanda arrangement, as Mrs Braverman has decided these “should remain confidential”.