Suella Braverman has announced that deporting a refugee to Rwanda will cost £169,000 per person . The scheme will only make savings on the current costs of housing migrants if 37% of people are deterred from coming to the UK.

Meanwhile, campaigners are alarmed by the number of applications for family reunion initially rejected by the Home Office. On appeal, two-thirds of these rejections were overturned, according to FOI data collected by the charity Refugee and Migrant Forum of Essex and London (Ramfel). This showed that 1,386 refugee family reunion applications rejected by the Home Office were overturned on appeal between 2019 and 2022. That represents 66% of the total of 2,106.

When questioned by the Conservative MP Tim Loughton during a meeting of the Home Affairs Select Committee, Ms Braverman was unable to describe any existing safe routes for lone refugee children.

And unaccompanied minors face further risks of trafficking as the Brighton hotel from where 136 children went missing is due to be reopened.

Robert Jenrick, the immigration minister, has assured parliament that no refugee children are being housed in hotels, but the the Guardian has obtained a message from a senior asylum official announcing that the hotel is to be used again.

Brighton council has previously threatened a legal challenge if the government decided to to place refugee children in the hotel once more.