An audience of 80 recently heard about the experiences of Afghan asylum seekers and refugees living in Bournemouth.

Two workers from the International Care Network, a charity supporting refugees and their families, described the constant fear of Afghans who had been forced to leave family members behind. The anxiety is affecting their mental health. Those still in Afghanistan were finding it impossible to seek refuge in the UK as there is nowhere for them to apply for a visa, and many have destroyed all their identification documents because they are afraid of being discovered by the Taliban.

Some Afghan refugees are also still living in hotels, after more than a year in the UK. This makes it difficult for them to integrate and build new lives, especially as they face the constant threat of being removed to another part of the country.

However, the Afghan men were particularly grateful for the education being offered to their daughters, and the freedom for their wives to attend English classes and social groups.

Those who attended the meeting are being encouraged to write to their MPs, appealing for the Government to fulfil their original pledge and grant asylum to all the Afghans who stood by British forces and administrators.