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Month: December 2023
We Refugees, a poem by Benjamin Zephaniah
I come from a musical place Where they shoot me for my song And my brother has been tortured By my brother in my land. I come from a beautiful
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Soaring costs of Rwanda scheme
The government has paid a further £100 million to the Rwandan government this year, despite no planes taking off. An extra £50 million is expected to be spent over the
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Criminalisation of asylum seekers- Afghan refugee imprisoned
An Afghan refugee who supported the British army by checking vehicles for Taliban bombs has been convicted of illegally entering the UK and imprisoned in Lewes. The Lewes Organisation in
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Safe Passage recommends ways to reduce dangerous journeys
  With a general election looming, Safe Passage has published a plan for a new, humanitarian and achievable policy on asylum. Its five guiding principles are that it: • saves
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Safe routes and community support offer a more compassionate response
  “Five Supreme Court justices have unanimously ruled that the UK government’s plan to send asylum seekers to Rwanda is, indeed, illegal. I believe all Christians should be delighted with this
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Government signs new Rwanda treaty in attempt to progress scheme
James Cleverly, the third home secretary in under two years, has signed an agreement with the Rwandan government hoping that it will allow asylum seekers to be sent to the
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