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Month: October 2023
Huge costs incurred by Bibby Stockholm
The government claims that the Bibby Stockholm is a cheaper way of housing asylum seekers than placing them in hotels. However, a recent report by Corporate Watch, an independent research
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New support centre for refugees in Bournemouth.
Refugee Support Europe is setting up its first UK project- a Dignity Centre to support the refugees based in Bournemouth hotel accommodation.   Working closely with ICN, the City of
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Lord Dubs calls for UK to resettle Palestinian refugees.
Alf Dubs, the Labour peer and former child refugee, has called for the creation of  a resettlement scheme for Palestinians with family connections to the UK and  those with medical
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Refugees return to barge as Braverman conceals Rwanda costs
Around 30 refugees were forced to return to the Bibby Stockholm this week.,discovered%20in%20its%20water%20supply   The Port Authority refused to accept care packages prepared by a local refugee support
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Rwanda targets dissidents living abroad
A new report by Human Rights Watch reveals that Rwandan authorities are seeking to silence criticism from Rwandans living around the world.The repressive methods used include threatening relatives still in
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Asylum seekers returning to Bibby Stockholm
The Home Office has informed asylum seekers that they must return to the barge on October 19th. It justifies the move as a cost-saving measure. However, an Investigation by iNews
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